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Vogue Menthe

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Menthol flavor. Super Slims size. 

Tar level: 7 mg, Nicotine level: 0.7 mg 

Price for: 1 carton = 10 packs = 200 sticks.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

Vogue Menthe cigarettes have quite a few specific features, such as class and mild taste, which emphasize femininity. Also, this brand appears like a very lovable unique accessory, thanks to the unique packaging design. Cigarettes Vogue Menthol maximally mirrors the persona of a contemporary self-confident lady. In addition, Vogue Menthe cigarettes have a prosperous menthol taste and aroma.

Each of the flavors is special and unrepeatable. The traditional flavors are very interesting: Vogue Superslims and Vogue Superslims Menthol. These are the first cigarettes introduced as superlight, which, of course, have been a gorgeous success, and females rushed to the cabinets to attempt them and experience the lightness and extraordinary style of cigarettes.

After the rebranding of Vogue Menthol, the elements of the tobacco combo have changed, permitting a new smoking experience. The producer truly is aware that women's preferences trade in accordance with trend trends. So gaining awareness from ladies is a challenging task, however, Vogue producers have held their positions in the eyes of people who smoke for many years. In this regard, British American Tobacco introduces new flavors to Vogue followers each and every year.

Typically, Vogue cigarettes come in the following flavors:

Blanche (the minimal content material of tar and nicotine, which is 1 and 0.1 mg);

Noire (slightly extra tar and nicotine - four and 0.5 mg);

Arome L'attraction (tar and nicotine 7 and 0.6 mg each);

Arome L'adoration (tar and nicotine 7 and 0.6 mg each);

Arome L'Emotion (tar and nicotine 7 and 0.6 mg each);

Superslims Lilac (as in Vogue Noire - tar and nicotine four and 0.5 mg each);

Superslims Mente (tar and nicotine 7 and 0.7 mg);

Superslims Bleue (tar and nicotine 7 and 0.7 mg).