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Pall Mall

Pall Mall Miami Sunset

No tax

Orange capsule. Micro 'nano' size. 

Tar level: 4 mg, Nicotine level: 0.4 mg 

Price for: 1 carton = 10 packs = 200 sticks.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

Pall Mall Miami Sunset is a consultant for a current pill line. The cigarette includes an orange-flavored capsule. A fascinating aroma mixed with a moderate taste. The freshest product at the lowest fee online alongside free global delivery makes it a desirable preference for humans who are searching for lightweight cigarettes in a nano pack that matches effortlessly everywhere.

Pall Mall, its catchy Art Nouveau lettering, has come to be a fundamental phase of cigarette packaging design. The packaging depicts a coat of palms with two royal lions resting on a defend with the motto "Per Aspera advert Astra" (through thorns to the stars). The equal motto can be considered on the kingdom seal of Kansas. Just beneath the project is a banner with any other Latin motto - "in hoc signo vinces" (under this banner you will win). Pall Mall, listed on the packaging, is "where sure humans congregate." The plan of cigarette packaging has passed through many adjustments over the years of manufacturer development, however, has usually remained effortlessly recognizable.

Pall Mall later grew to be the property of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation. By that time, Pall Mall cigarettes had been a way at the back of their rivals as they have been nonetheless unfiltered cigarettes. It wasn't till 1987 that cigarettes had been filtered and launched to the market. Currently, Pall Mall is one of the most well-known worldwide manufacturers of British-American tobacco, which is offered in 60 nations around the world.