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LD Blue

No tax

Classic lights flavor. Regular king size. 

Tar level: 6 mg, Nicotine level: 0.4 mg 

Price for: 1 carton = 10 packs = 200 sticks.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

Today the LD Club collection includes LD Club Lounge, LD Club Gold, LD Club Platinum, and LD Club Excel Blue.

Later, LD Select cigarettes with a carbon filter have been introduced to the variety of tobacco merchandise of this brand. The effectiveness of a carbon filter in cleansing tar, nicotine, and different carcinogenic materials that enter the physique thru the inhalation of tobacco smoke is various instances greater than that of traditional cigarette filters.

Today, the LD manufacturer is represented by way of a large range of tastes, aromas, and forms, imparting shoppers with a large choice.

For example, the VIP line:

LD Select classification V.I.P. All Select cigarettes include a great sort of tobacco from extra than 7 countries, including by means of a carbon filter. The packing diagram of this line used to be created with the aid of British designers, diameter of 5.2 mm:

LD Choose red. Presented in elegant present-day purple packaging. The quantity of tar is 10 mg, and nicotine is 0.8 mg.

LD Choose blue. The stage of tar is 6 mg, and nicotine is 0.5 mg. Blue package.

LD Choose silver. Steel color with the authentic format of the Select series. Tar content material is four mg, and nicotine content material is 0.4 mg.

Standard 7.6mm cigarettes: LD Blue is a basic mild taste with 7mg of tar and 0.6mg of nicotine.