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Kent HD Silver 4 Neo

No tax

Lights. Big size. Charcoal filter.
Tar level: 4mg, Nicotine level: 0.3mg
Price for: 1 carton = 10 packs = 200 sticks.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

Kent HD is every other product with a basic style and a superior Taste+ filter that cleans and enhances the flavor. It is additionally divided into subcategories in accordance with the share of tobacco in one unit of production. Kent HD Neo four Silver - the size of this kind of tobacco product is eighty mm. Each unit carries four mg of tar and 0.3 mg of nicotine. The electricity is medium. According to statistics, cigarettes of this specific taste are the most popular.

1 carton- 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 4mg, Nicotine 0.4mg, CO 5mg

Between 1970 and 1990, Kent cigarettes have been the most sought-after cigarettes in Romania, and have been used as price or bribes in some components of the home market. In the 2nd half of the interval, Kent used to be no longer offered in traditional retail, formally bought solely in challenging forex stores. Apparently, the black market used to be flourishing at the time, seeing that most of the Kents had been smuggled in by way of these tremendously few Romanians who have been allowed to tour overseas (sea and aircrew, diplomatic personnel, etc.). The 2004 debut brief movie Un cartuș de Kent și un pachet de cafea (lit. "Kent's pack and espresso pack") by way of Kristi Puyu is named after the bribes mentioned in the film. Cigarettes have been produced in a gentle pack standard of that time and have been very expensive. Great manufacturers are continuously developing and evolving. They rely on the opinion of the customer and adapt to the tastes of the majority.