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HEETS Yellow Label

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HEETS Yellow label for IQOS. Cocoa flavor.
The nicotine content is the same as in a light cigarette.
Price for: 1 carton = 10 packs = 200 sticks.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

HEETS Yellow Label tastes like Parliament Blue or Marlboro Gold. This is a traditional tobacco style with a typical aftertaste. Strong adequate and smooth at the equal time. When used in IQOS, the aroma will become an awful lot softer than when smoking ordinary cigarettes.

Yellow Label in yellow packaging - reasonable taste. Classic and gentle taste. Designed in particular for IQOS, the superior tobacco heating system. Equivalent to the style of Marlboro Gold.

Tobacco sticks are made by means of numerous companies, inclusive of Marlboro, and Parliament. Philip Morris International introduced plans to abandon the manufacturing of traditional cigarettes, focusing solely on the development of a tobacco heating system.

The machine consists of the following elements:

• Holder - at once the section of the machine the place the flash power is placed.

• The charger used to recharge the holder. Reminds me of how a strong financial institution works.

• Replaceable sticks - analogs of normal cigarettes.

The foremost gain of this gadget can be referred to as the reality that when the usage of it, virtually no smoke is generated, and there is additionally no smell. It can be smoked anywhere, along with cafes, trains, and airports. There is no ash, so its small particles do now not fly in the air, and there is no chronic smell. He smells of clothes, hair, and fingers - plus IQOS in front of people who smoke who have non-smokers in their brands.

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