Company is a team of professionals running this business for a long time. Our expertise includes logistics, pricing and customer service. We are looking for long-term relationship with our customers. 


We source our cigarettes in Central Asia and Latin America where prices for the same products are way cheaper than in Europe, USA and of course Australia which is known as a place with highest prices in the world.


Our shipping is absolutely free for all orders. We use regular mail offered by national states around the world. Express shipping is available on request.

Shipping to Australia may be slower than to other parts of the world. However, we can ship worldwide.

 Your personal data and financial information is totally safe. We do not share it with anyone in any circumstances. All your financial dare is deleted right after payment is cleared.


Our packaging is discreet and description of parcels is neutral. Packaging is non-transparent and nobody can identify content without using special equipment. We can provide customs declaration on request.